What are pressure sensitive labels?

A pressure sensitive label is a material which has an adhesive on the back. When pressure is applied it will adhere to most surfaces.

What determines the price of custom printed labels?

* The price of a custom label is driven very much by quantity, number of colors on the label as well as the material you select. The higher the quantity of labels you purchase, the better the price per label.
* The set-up time for a job is the same regardless of how many labels are ordered; therefore, this is a fixed cost and will not change. Ordering more labels is much more cost effective because it spreads the set up cost over a larger number of labels.
* The number of colors on a label also affects the price. More colors mean additional set up time and additional plate costs.
* Material is the final factor. Film and paper stock vary in price. Your end use will determine the best material.

What is the minimum label order?

Our minimum order is 1,000 labels.

What is considered typical delivery for a custom printed label?

Turnaround time is dependent on several factors:
* Quantity of the run
* Complexity or special requirements (such as special materials, inks, dies, etc.)
Please contact us if you have a special need. We will accommodate you even with a partial shipment if necessary.

How can I be assured my labels will stick properly to my surface?

You can request sample material to test on the surface(s) to be labeled, or to check the automatic labeling process. Temperature extremes, moisture and surface texture are all things that can affect label adhesion. If you are unsure of the material, send us a sample of your product and we will test several materials and recommend the appropriate adhesive as well as proper face stock.

What are "overs" or "unders"?

In the label industry - as in most of printing - the actual quantity of product delivered may vary + or - 10% from the quantity ordered because extras are produced to provide for what may need to be culled out in the quality review process. You are then billed only for the actual quantity shipped.

What are printing plates?

Plates are used to transfer the ink to the surface to be printed. Each color requires a separate printing plate. Plates remain on file for future orders.

What is a die?

A die is used for cutting the shape of the label out of the material. The material is shipped to us in large rolls. The ink, uv or laminate is added to the label material before it is die-cut. A die to the material is like a cookie cutter to dough. We have over 500 dies available. There is no charge to use one of our existing dies.

What is a die tooling charge?

If you need a special label shape that is unique to your product, we can have a die manufactured for that shape. The tooling charge is the cost for that die.

How do I get a barcode for my product?

Barcodes are issued and controlled by the GS1 US (formerly the Uniform Product Code Council). You can contact them at (937) 435-3870 or http://www.gs1us.org and for a fee they will issue your company a set of numbers which can be used for your product barcode. We will then use this number to produce barcode artwork for your label.